Quaestiones Disputatae is a journal of philosophy inspired by the medieval dialectical form of the “disputed question:” a method of philosophical discussion aimed at addressing the relevant issues of the time. Sponsored by Franciscan University of Steubenville, this journal addresses significant questions and topics of contemporary philosophic interest in the spirit of the medieval quaestiones disputatae. Recognizing that significant philosophical contributions are found among philosophers of various backgrounds and outlooks, the journal is, therefore, not limited to a particular period of philosophy, nor is it representative of a specific philosophic school or point of view. Read the full Purpose Statement >>


Catholic Bioethics


Special Guest Editor: Patrick Lee

With papers from Germain Grisez, E. Christian Brugger, William E. May, Maureen L. Condic, Gerard V. Bradley, Joseph Boyle, and Christopher Tollefsen. Find out more.

Selected Papers: Must Morality be Grounded in God?


Special Guest Editor: Michael Krom

With papers from Michael Krom, John Rist, Paul Symington, Mark C. Murphy, John Crosby, Christopher Tollefsen, Jonathan J. Sanford, Brian Donohue, Gregory Sadler, Francisco J. Romero Carrasquillo, Andrew Pfeuffer, Joe Milburn, Nicholas Rescher, Sr. Elinor Gardner, O.P., and Barbara Freres. Find out more.

Ancient and Medieval Interpretations of Aristotle’s Categories

Special Editors: Sarah Klitenic Wear & Joseph Almeida

With papers from Lloyd P. Gerson, Michael Griffen, Charlene Elsby, Sarah Klitenic Wear, Joseph Almeida, Gary Gabor, Lloyd A. Newton, Gregory T. Doolan, Mark Roberts, Mark Gossiaux, and Andrew LaZella. Find out more

Selected Papers on Early Phenomenology: Munich and Gottingen

Special Editor: Kimberly Baltzer-Jaray

With papers from Alice von Hildebrand, Dallas Willard, Michael F. Andrews, Uldis Vegners, Christoper S. Morrissey, Carlos R. Bovell, Fritz Wenisch, Eric Mohr, John F. Crosby, Zach Davis, Michael Wenisch, Timothy Martell, Trevor J. Bieber, Holly Mohr, Antonio Calcagno, Jason Bell, Joel M. Potter, Ewa Agnieszka Pichola, Richard Sherlock, and John R. White. Find out more and purchase>>

Selected Papers on the Philosophy of Jean-Luc Marion

Volume 1 Number 1 cover

Special Editor: John White

With papers from Jean-Luc Marion, Bret Saunders, Daniel J. Dwyer, Andrew Staron, Derek J. Morrow, Bryne Lewis Allport, Andrew Komanski, Carlos Bovell, Glenn Chicoine, Tanya Loughead, Molly Sturdevant, Nathan W. Halloran, Philip J. Harold, and Stephen E. Lewis. Find out more and purchase >>

Selected Papers on the Legacy of Neoplatonism

Special Editors: Sarah Wear and Jonathan Sanford

With papers from John Dillon, Wayne Hankey, Stephen Gersh, Matthew D. Walz, Timothy D. Knepper, John Peter Kenney, Mark K. Spencer, Michelle Blohm, Gregory B. Sadler, Tim Riggs, Eric Perl, David Bradshaw, Christopher Morrissey, Richard Smith, Sarah Wear, Richard Hall, Nicholas Rescher. Find out more and purchase >>

Selected Papers on the Philosophy of Dietrich von Hildebrand

Special Editor: John Henry Crosby

With papers from His Eminence John Zizioulas, Ann-Therese Gardner, Brian Sudlow, David Utsler, Francis Feingold, Philip Blosser, Josef Seifert, Robert E. Wood, Fritz Wenisch, Stephen D. Schwarz, Paola Premoli De Marchi, Stephen Phelan, Mary M. Keys, and Mathew Lu. Find out more and purchase >>

Selected Papers on The Legacy of Edith Stein’s
Finite and Eternal Being.

Special Guest Editor: Sarah Borden-Sharkey

With papers from William Tullius, Karl Schudt, Glenn Chicoine, Sarah Borden Sharkey, Kimberly Baltzer-Jaray, David M. Cudnik, Christopher T. Haley, John Finley, and Timothy Martell.  Find out more and purchase >>